Fostering Understanding of Institutional Oppression among U.S. Pre-service Teachers

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Instruction in Teacher Training
May. 10, 2010

This article was published in Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol 26, Issue 4, Author(s): Nora E. Hyland and Kim Heuschkel, “Fostering Understanding of Institutional Oppression among U.S. Pre-service Teachers“, Pages 821-829, Copyright Elsevier (May 2010).

The purpose of this study was to foster critical understanding of institutional oppression among pre-service teachers. Hence, this article describes the use of an institutional inquiry assignment for pre-service teachers at a large state university in the US.

Data were collected through written inquiry assignments, web-based journal entries, and class discussions with one hundred and six pre-service teacher candidates enrolled in a cultural diversity course.

The data are analyzed using interpretive qualitative methods to examine the useful aspects as well as the limitations of this assignment for helping to engage in teaching for social justice.

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