Living Contradictions and Working for Change: Toward a Theory of Social Class–Sensitive Pedagogy

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Multiculturalism & Diversity
Apr. 02, 2013

Source: Educational Researcher 42(3): 129-141, April 2013.

This article describes a vision of social class–sensitive pedagogy aimed at disrupting endemic classism in schools.

The authors argue persistent upward mobility discourses construct classist hierarchies in schools and classroom practice and are founded on misunderstandings of work, lived experiences of social class, and the broader social and economic context of the United States and the world.

Educators may unwittingly alienate the very students they hope to inspire, cause for serious inquiry into what a social class–sensitive pedagogy might entail.

This manuscript highlights five interrelated principles that provide insights to what research tells us and how it can be used in K–12 and teacher education.

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