A Situated Model of Creative Learning

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Instruction in Teacher Training
Jan. 02, 2014

Source: European Educational Research Journal, Volume 13 Number 1 2014, p. 107-116.

This article introduces an empirically based and theoretically informed model of a creative learning community.

The model is based on three key concepts or learning principles which can take different forms in particular settings and social practices.
These are respectively:
(1) Immersion in the topic of interest, in traditions and in the subject matter,
(2) Experimentation and inquiry learning and
(3) Resistance from the material of interest.

As a theoretical point of departure, this article will outline a situated model of creativity and learning, and following this, will introduce a model of creative learning.
This paper will include several empirical examples.
In the final part, the model will be discussed in relation to the concept of creative teaching.

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