Meeting Diverse Learning Needs: Differentiating Instruction in Graduate Early Childhood Mathematics Classes

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Instruction in Teacher Training
Jan. 16, 2007
January 2007

Source: Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, Volume 28, Issue 1 January 2007, pages 41 - 57

This paper examines the strategies used, challenges faced and lessons learned in meeting the diverse learning needs of graduate initial certification and graduate certified teachers in the same cross-listed early childhood mathematics class. Questions investigated included "How can instructors best meet the learning needs of diverse candidates in the same class?" and "What are the candidates' opinions of attending classes with candidates with diverse amounts of teaching experience?"

Candidate surveys, focus groups, candidate work and assessments were used to determine the most successful strategies to meet candidates' diverse learning needs. Using a differentiated instructional approach including knowing the candidates and their needs, scaffolding candidate learning and using a variety of grouping arrangements, were found to help candidates successfully benefit from a class that had a diversity of candidate needs.

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