Failing Intercultural Education? ‘Thoughtfulness’ in Intercultural Education for Student Teachers

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Theories & Approaches
May. 10, 2014

Source: European Journal of Teacher Education, Volume 37, Issue 2, 2014, pages 171-182

This article proposes a rethinking of intercultural education in teacher education.
It argues that discussion of the intercultural education of student teachers tends to have the following two gaps: one, such discussion tends to overlook student teacher education as a context for teaching intercultural education, and two, it tends to ignore the self of the teacher educator. This article aims to address both gaps.

In doing so, the first task of the paper is to analyse student teacher education critically, as a structural, ideological context for intercultural education; the second task of the paper is to rethink the pedagogical relationship between a student teacher and a teacher educator, considering the self of the teacher educator in particular.
The article concludes by suggesting ‘thoughtfulness’ as a fruitful idea for the intercultural education of student teachers.

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