The didactic model LdL (Lernen durch Lehren) as a way of preparing students for communication in a knowledge society

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Theories & Approaches
Jul. 15, 2008

Source: Journal of Education for Teaching, Volume 34, Issue 3 August 2008 , pages 167 – 175

Based on studies in learning psychology, biology and education, the original technique Lernen durch Lehren (LdL) (German for 'learning by teaching') has been elaborated into a meta-model (Meta)LdL that aims at giving students a platform to acquire the competencies considered necessary for knowledge societies. Ninety-seven former students of university classes modelled on (Meta)LdL participated in a questionnaire to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of (Meta)LdL. A majority of participants attested LdL to have allowed for a gain in all competencies and claimed that no other method they were aware of would be more efficient than LdL.

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