Walk the Talk: Connecting Critical Pedagogy and Practice in Teacher Education

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Theories & Approaches
Jun. 15, 2008

SourceTeaching Education, Volume 19, Issue 2 June 2008 , pages 153 – 163

Under the principles of critical pedagogy, this article examines the process and experiences of 22 pre-service teachers enrolled in a required teacher education course, Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice, who collaboratively developed and taught the course syllabus to one another. Through surveys, observations, and informal meetings, students discussed their student-teacher roles in the classroom and their fears, anxieties, and joys of being co-developers of the curriculum. Although students acclimated to the course structure and assumed responsibility for their own learning, results indicated that students preferred deeper, richer dialogues on the social issues they chose to study.

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Critical pedagogy | Preservice teachers | Teacher education courses