Jan. 31, 2010
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January 31, 2010 International Portal of Teacher Education
January 2010
All Recent Items
Professional Development
Teachers as Professionals and Teachers’ Identity Construction as an Ecological Construct: An Agenda for Research and Training Drawing upon a Biographical Research Process
Nigerian Inservice Teachers' Self-Assessment in Core Technology Competences and Their Professional Development Needs in ICT
Supporting Teacher Professional Development through Online Video Case Study Discussions: An Assemblage of Preservice and Inservice Teachers and the Case Teacher

TE & Instruction

Viewing Classroom Discipline as Negotiable Social Interaction: A Communities of Practice Perspective
Dealing with School Violence: The Effect of School Violence Prevention Training on Teachers' Perceived Self-Efficacy in Dealing with Violent Events
Do They Really Need to Raise Their Hands? Challenging a Traditional Social Norm in a Second Grade Mathematics Classroom
Struggling with Workload: Primary Teachers’ Experience of Intensification
4E × 2 Instructional Model: Uniting Three Learning Constructs to Improve Praxis in Science and Mathematics Classrooms
The Influence of Repeated Teaching and Reflection on Preservice Teachers’ Views of Inquiry and Nature of Science
The Failure of Inquiry: Preparing Science Teachers with an Authentic Investigation
Developing Higher-Order Thinking Skills through WebQuests
Cyberbullying: Using Virtual Scenarios to Educate and Raise Awareness
Novice Special Educators' Instructional Practices, Communication Patterns, and Content Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics
Learning in Third Spaces: Developing Trans-Professional Understanding through Practitioner Enquiry
Making a Difference in Challenging Urban Schools: Successful Principals
Moving to Secondary School: On the Role of Affective Expectations in a Tracking School System

Research Methods

Participation, Roles and Processes in a Collaborative Action Research Project: A Reflexive Account of the Facilitator
Concept Mapping as a Research Tool to Evaluate Conceptual Change Related to Instructional Methods
Doing Teacher Research: A Qualitative Analysis of Purposes, Processes and Experiences
Critical Action Research: the Achievement Group

Mentoring & Supervision

Fostering a Theoretical and Practical Understanding of Teaching as a Relational Process: A Feminist Participatory Study of Mentoring a Doctoral Student

TE Programs

'Me at University Doing Teacher Training - What a Big Laugh': Narrative and Parrhesia
Change Within a Teacher Education Program and Laboratory: A Reflective Commentary
The Impact of a College Course Where Pre-Service Teachers and Peers With Intellectual Disabilities Study Together
A National Survey of Pre-Service Preparation for Collaboration

Preservice Students

ESL Student Teachers' Perceptions of a Short-Term Overseas Immersion Programme
Pedagogical Beliefs, Activity Choice and Structure, and Adult–Child Interaction in Nursery Classrooms
Preservice and Inservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Appropriateness of Teacher Self-Disclosure
Reflection as Situated Practice: A Memory-Work Study of Lived Experience in Teacher Education
Supporting Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Critique and Adaptation of Science Lesson Plans Using Educative Curriculum Materials

Teaching Assessment

Using Performance-Based Assessments to Prepare Safe Science Teachers

Technology & Computers

The Effects of Instructional Implementation on Learning With Interactive Multimedia Case-Based Instruction
Examining Perceptions of Systematic Integration of Instructional Technology in a Teacher Education Program

Theories & Approaches

Education, Values, and Valuing in Cosmopolitan Perspective
Legitimate Peripheral Participation and Home Education
Chasms and Bridges: Generativity in the Space between Educators' Communities of Practice
Situated Learning Theory and The Pedagogy of Teacher Education: Towards an Integrative View of Teacher Behavior and Teacher Learning

TE - General Trends

No Child Left Behind and the Assault on Teachers' Professional Practices and Identities
Early Childhood Prospective Teacher Pedagogical Belief Shifts Over Time
Engaging with Issues of Emotionality in Mathematics Teacher Education for Social Justice
Research and Development Work: Developing Teachers as Researchers or Just Teachers?
January 2010
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