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This article describes a case study that analyzed how preservice English and social studies teachers used instructional technology (IT) during their internship. The authors conclude that the participants were able to use IT for different purposes. However, they tended to use it mostly at Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition (SAMR) framework’s Substitution and Augmentation levels. The authors found that although the IT enhanced the participants' efficiency, it seldom transformed their instruction.
Published: 2017
Updated: Sep. 13, 2018
This study aimed to document and analyze what happens when an experiential play lab is implemented in an early childhood teacher education program. The findings reveal that students made many more references to play in their defense of developmentally appropriate practices following the play lab, and the reasons they gave for the importance of play in early childhood classrooms became more diverse. The students’ responses also expanded to include the power of play to promote engagement.
Published: 2015
Updated: Aug. 30, 2018
This study examined how Chinese teachers perform on Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) measures. The study also examined Chinese teachers' quality of interactions across settings and activities for future professional development considerations. Finally, the authors were interested in finding out any teacher-related variables that might contribute to teachers' better instructional supports in the classrooms. The results showed that Chinese teachers were successful in building a warm and supportive relationship with children and managing behavioral aspect of classroom. It was found that all teachers were more effective at promoting children's development in structured activities than unstructured activities. The authors also found that Chinese teachers scored lower on instruction support quality compared to international colleagues.
Published: 2016
Updated: Jul. 26, 2018
This study investigates the insights and challenges that prospective teachers (PSTs) experience when exploring early algebraic reasoning. The findings indicate that when PSTs engage in early algebra experiences during their preparation for teaching, they may experience meaningful new insights but may also face conceptual challenges. The author also argues that the results suggest that PSTs may benefit from developing informal ways to represent algebraic expressions and equations.
Published: 2017
Updated: Jul. 15, 2018