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This study aims to examine the effects of expectations of future work environment, perceptions of satisfaction, self-efficacy, and emotional intelligence on preservice teacher (PSTs) commitment to the profession. The findings reveal that preservice teachers’ personal and environmental expectations play an important role in their motivation to continue in the teacher education program and enter the teaching profession. The results also show that when PSTs perceived higher levels of collaboration with colleagues and higher levels of autonomy in the classroom, they also exhibited increased levels of satisfaction. However, when PSTs perceived their future work environment as less than ideal they exhibited lower levels of satisfaction.
Published: 2014
Updated: Nov. 06, 2018
In this study, the authors were interested to understand their practice as teacher educators. The authors argue that from their reflections on their own experiences, they now better understand the power of their personal apprenticeships of observation over their teaching practices.
Published: 2013
Updated: Oct. 28, 2018
The authors designed a lab-based pilot and classroom-based feasibility study to examine an effective way to introduce mindfulness meditation. The authors conclude that the findings of these two studies of the guided mindfulness meditation — one a pilot and the other comparative trial — suggest that mindfulness meditation is feasible to introduce to early childhood education students with some modifications.
Published: 2017
Updated: Oct. 21, 2018
This article aims to examine how sociopolitically conscious teacher educators tailor preparation for teachers of color. The results showed that teacher educators’ pedagogy for teacher candidates of color was characterized by three binding mindsets and practices: 1. The authors found that teacher educators made an intentional choice to work as a change agent for communities of color. 2. The authors also found that teacher educators challenged sociocultural barriers to the academic and professional achievement of teachers of color. 3. It was also found that teacher educators implemented constructivist approaches as an instructional bridge to prepare teacher candidates of color to work with culturally and linguistically diverse students.
Published: 2017
Updated: Oct. 18, 2018