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This study examines the utilization of digital storytelling by teacher educators of color to pedagogically deconstruct Whiteness in a predominately White, urban-focused teacher education course. The authors argue that digital storytelling is a racially just way of having White teacher candidates self-reflect on their own Whiteness in a multitude of ways. The authors found four ways in which White teacher candidates can reflect on their own Whiteness: (a) ending emotional distancing, (b) debunking colorblindness, (c) engaging emotions, and (d) sharing the burden of race.
Published: 2016
Updated: Nov. 08, 2018
This article examines the potential of 3D printing. The authors used a creativity course for preservice teachers to explore the printing's potential. The attitudes and dispositions of the participants throughout the workshop showed that it was a valuable learning experience for them. The authors conclude that three-dimensional printing, as an example of technology for young children, has the potential to fill a unique niche in educational settings.
Published: 2017
Updated: Oct. 18, 2018
This article aims to present an approach for incorporating technology into a mathematics methods course that utilizes several types of technology into one lesson. The lesson engaged preservice teachers in a statistics lesson aimed at developing their reasoning about the measurement units of data and then engages them in reasoning about students’ approaches to the task.
Published: 2017
Updated: Oct. 09, 2018
This study aimed to explore preservice science teachers’ views about the uses of e-readers and e-text prior to their science methods course and their views of their use of this technology when they are required to incorporate them as a resource in their lesson planning. The findings reveal that participants highlighted the potential of e-text as adaptable and more responsive to student interest and need. The authors also found that if preservice secondary education science methods teachers already owned an e-reader device, they reported being more comfortable with their own platform and preferred reading on paper.
Published: 2017
Updated: Aug. 08, 2018