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This paper discusses the concept of democratic professionalism and argues that it offers a way to frame teacher education so that it can contribute to more productively managing long standing tensions between public schools, minoritized communities, and teacher preparation programs, and to more closely realizing the democratic potential of public education and teacher education.
This decolonial approach to teacher education that actively attempts to benefit from the expertise in local minoritized communities seeks to “disrupt” existing power and knowledge hierarchies and create the basis for new alliances between teachers, teacher unions, teacher educators, and community-based social movements in marginalized communities that are seeking an active role in transforming their own communities.
The result is a new hybrid structure for teacher education programs that models the emancipatory vision that is often articulated by programs but not practiced.
A convergent parallel mixed methods study investigated the potential of one teacher preparation approach for promoting candidate reflection.
Thirteen candidates participated in clinical field experiences and four corresponding seminar classes with guided video analysis activities.
Candidates were systematically guided through focusing on others before focusing on self and explicitly learned about a reflection continuum using an instructional framework to build prerequisite skills and ultimately improve reflective abilities.
Results of paired-sample t tests indicated candidates demonstrated significantly higher reflective ability scores over time as measured by a reflection checklist.
Qualitative analysis of structured interviews revealed candidates felt activities were
(a) a systematic approach to authentic growth,
(b) a challenging approach to necessary self-confrontation, and
(c) allowed for connections between self and other. Methodological triangulation was used to validate the findings.
Implications for teacher preparation research and practice are discussed.