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This study aimed to investigate teacher educators’ in-action mental model (IAMM) regarding student teachers’ minds and learning. The authors investigated the same teacher educators in two teaching contexts: (1) teaching an academic course about pedagogy in college; and (2) in the post-lesson feedback sessions that took place while they were supervising student teachers in elementary schools. The authors found that when the teacher educators taught an academic course, they had the same IAMM of the mind and learning as teachers who teach children in elementary and high school. The authors argue that this finding indicates the generality of the IAMM. The authors also found that the general IAMM has limitations. The findings in this study point to the contextual nature of IAMM.
This study explores 10 pre-service English foreign language (EFL) teachers' motivation change in a Government-funded Normal Program in China. The findings reveal that the participants’ motivations experienced ups and downs in the process of learning to teach, which ultimately led to their enhanced intrinsic motivations towards teaching. Further, the authors found that the pre-service teachers' engagement with their peers and the teacher educators in the coursework facilitated their cognitive learning with positive influences on their self-efficacy and also brought them a sense of social connectedness, which together contributed to their motivational development.
This article focuses on how children and preservice teachers responded to using technology in their learning processes and how the choice and use of certain kinds of apps prompted social engagement across both settings. The findings reveal that students, young and old alike, explored iPad apps socially. The authors conclude that they selected apps in their studies and encouraged preservice teachers to select apps that would align with social constructivist and sociocultural perspectives. Using these lenses, the authors advocate for apps designed to allow for open-ended, discovery-based learning through playful exploration and experimentation.