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This study examines ten preservice teachers’ use of Freiberg’s Person-Centered Learning Assessment (PCLA), a self-assessment measure.
The PCLA serves as an individualized resource for educators to assess their classroom teaching and learning particularly in the affective domain.
Study findings indicate that the 10 student teachers identified future pedagogical changes as a result of utilizing the PCLA, with eight student teachers specifically identifying changes in their classrooms prior to completion of the study. As explored in this study, self-assessments seem to provide novice educators with a unique form of feedback and have the potential to lead to deeper levels of pedagogical self-reflection and resulting changes.
This study explored the effects of the teacher characteristics on pre-service teacher (PST) concern about integrating Web 2.0 tools into instruction. The authors found significant relationships between the concern and a few personal characteristics. The authors found that the PSTs seemed more prepared and confident in utilising instructional strategies (pedagogical knowledge) and less in engaging students in learning and managing classrooms.