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Hybrid teacher educators are school- and university-based teacher educators who work across the boundaries of schools and universities to facilitate the professional learning of teachers in the third space of school-university partnerships.
This case study of ‘Sofia” examined how a reassigned classroom teacher was transformed from her four-year experience as a hybrid teacher educator in an exemplary professional development school (PDS).
The findings identified four transformations:
(1) deepening reflection,
(2) preserving relationships,
(3) prioritizing students, and
(4) distributing leadership.
This study has implications for clinically-based teacher education suggesting that hybrid teacher educator roles in PDSs have powerful transformative qualities and the potential for developing teacher leaders.
Despite reports of already practicing K-12 teachers’ attempts to teach for critical social justice in their classrooms, there is little connection between teacher education programs and/or the impact of teacher practice in the classroom.
This article presents data collected over 3 years from one teacher enrolled in an urban-multicultural teacher education program who transitioned into her first years of teaching.
Findings revealed that the teacher implemented culturally relevant education through
(a) a caring community,
(b) holding high expectations,
(c) cultural competence, and
(d) sociopolitical awareness as a teacher. Barriers the teacher faced as well as lessons for teacher educators are shared.