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This study aims to enhance the understanding of induction programs on beginning teacher turnover. The authors found that three induction activities are beneficial in significantly reducing turnover rates for beginning teachers: seminars, common planning time, and extra classroom assistance.
This study investigated the responses of preservice teachers to the acclaimed documentary "Which Way Home", a film that profiles unaccompanied adolescents who hitchhiked the train system of Central America and Mexico en route to the United States. The findings illustrated the efficacy and limitations of using documentary counter-stories to accomplish two important aims simultaneously: promoting content knowledge of an important social issue and challenging negative stereotypes through counter-stories.
This research examines the critical friendship of two doctoral students charged with teaching a methods course in elementary social studies. The primary result of this critical friendship was the overall pedagogical, affective, and intellectual support the friendship provided. The authors argue that their critical friendship is evidence that novice teacher educators can engage collaboratively in meaningful work to uncover the complexities of teacher education within the confines of academic and professional schedules that often pull doctoral students and new faculty in a number of competing directions. They argue that the results of this self-study point directly to the support needed for novice teacher educators to become effective teacher educators.