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This article offers a first look at teacher educators’ (N = 336) perceptions of their technology competencies based on the Teacher Educator Technology Competencies (TETCs; Foulger, Graziano, Schmidt-Crawford, & Slykhuis, 2017).
The participants generally rated their competence levels highly in relation to the TETCs.
Although many participants reported that the TETCs adequately reflected the competencies required of them, they suggested various additions and changes to the TETCs.
This mixed-method study advances understanding of teacher educators’ perceptions of the importance of various competences to their work and offers feedback from the field regarding which competencies might be missing from the TETCs.
This study shares the story of a mentor teacher and student teacher during a yearlong student teaching experience.
It looks at how working with an educative mentor (prepared and supported to enact this role) can make a difference in the instructional practices and beliefs of a novice teacher, specifically by providing the student teacher with the opportunity to experiment and by the mentor being open to learning in his/her own teaching practice.