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Using a Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) approach a research model is developed to predict teachers’ behavioural intention to use educational video games in their courses.
The research model is tested via structural equation modelling (SEM) on a sample of 312 Higher Education teachers.
Main results suggest that perceived usefulness influences in a direct and positive way teachers’ behavioural intention while perceived ease of use indirectly influences intention through perceived usefulness.
Gender and age were not found to moderate teachers’ attitude and behavioural intention.
Regarding managerial implications, the authors’ findings suggest that Teacher Training Programmes aiming to encourage the use of educational video games should focus in increasing teachers’ perceived usefulness of educational video games.
This qualitative case study investigates how two preservice elementary teachers crafted narratives of Black women in the Civil Rights Movement using an intersectional lens.
Using Black feminism and Black critical patriotism as theoretical frameworks, the authors examine the process in which preservice teachers attempted to construct historical narratives using Crenshaw’s framework of intersectionality.
The preservice teachers used this framework to examine the intersecting identities and resulting experiences of women in the past and present in order to present a more complex narrative of the Civil Rights Movement to elementary students.
This study is important because it helps preservice teachers and their students become conscious of the ways in which different people experience(d) the world based on intersecting identities as a way to promote empathy and critical citizenship.