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In this paper, the authors present what they believe to be important elements of action research (AR) that emerged from their final feedback sessions with 13 teacher candidates in their program as they prepared for the professional presentations.
They found that considering these feedback sessions as mediation spaces
(1) empowers teacher candidates to externalize and deepen personal understandings of their research through dialogical discourse with expert others, and
(2) negotiate their power and emerging practitioner researcher identities.
The study presents survey results from 515 preservice teachers at a regional United States institution on their social media use, specifically, their self-reported personal image conveyed on their social media sites, likelihood of posting problematic content on their social media sites, and preference for various others viewing their social media sites.
While many preservice teachers reported appropriate social media use, some participants conveyed inappropriate personal images; had reservations about supervisors, employers, and university faculty viewing their sites; and were likely to post problematic content.
Thus, it is incumbent for teacher preparation programs to develop clear policies as preservice teachers must be made aware of the professional consequences of inappropriate social media usage and behaviours.