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While digital environments "shrink" the world and allow to work collaboratively with colleagues from different countries, Digital Agency in education promotes equity in learning in a global world. People who possess digital mastery, confidence, and accountability can become part of the collaborative world and teacher educators have to lead our students toward this goal. Shonfeld presents the TEC center as an example of a model where technology, education, and cultural diversity intersect to improve learning through innovative pedagogy on the one hand and technology on the other. it exposes students to cultures they have never encountered before on an equal footing and opens their minds to others whilst calling their attention to the advantages of a heterogeneous group during the development of educational products.
This paper explores the interaction between educational research and practice in school systems, through a bi-dimensional framework. The author found that a synthesis of the main themes in the articles has led to a schema that can be useful in getting a more systemic view on school improvement processes based on educational research (ER).