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The authors investigated whether blog reflections would show a greater depth of reflection (DoR( than end-of-the-semester paper reflections. The authors developed a reflection assessment tool, Framework of Four Levels of Reflection for Teacher Education. The results indicated that the preservice teachers who completed blogs showed higher levels of reflection in their writing compared to those who completed papers. Furthermore, the blogs were shorter than the papers. These results indicate that reflections posted to blogs over the course of the semester are more effective than final papers for reflective assignments.
As a means to improve teacher preparation and teacher quality that impacts student achievement, the Australian government has recently encouraged formal partnerships between tertiary providers, schools and education systems in delivering teacher education and professional development, in particular for mentors.
This article documents challenges and initial findings of the first year of a school-university partnership involving an Australian regional university and K-12 teacher-mentors located in rural schools.
It describes the design and implementation of a contextualised professional development model, using participatory action research to build teacher capacity for mentoring and foster a culture of collaborative inquiry.