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This article examined the transfer problems experienced by pre-service teachers enrolled in the Free Normal Education programme during their internship teaching practicums. It was their first significant point of exposure to such problems. The author found three patterns in transfer problems. First, the participants’ personal backgrounds (rural/urban, eastern/central/western) generally correlated to various degrees with how they perceived their previous learning experiences and teaching practice. Second, participants from rural backgrounds who returned to their hometowns for their practicums found their prior learning experiences to be less useful than did their urban counterparts, and were less familiar with the teaching skills they had been taught at university. Third, rural background participants who undertook their practicums in Shanghai viewed their teaching experiences as excellent, but still faced many difficulties.
This article aimed to examine the factors that influenced the decision for three researchers to make the move from primary teaching to higher education. The authors identified three common, key themes leading to the participants’ career change: exploration and reinvention, key figures and lifelong learners. The results suggest that the participants felt a sufficient degree of competence to pursue a career as a teacher educator within higher education and so made the decision to apply for a position.