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Trained intensively in teaching English for communication, beginning Vietnamese ESOL teachers still follow the traditional approach in their classroom, i.e., teaching for grammar-and-vocabulary exams. This contrast in pedagogical practices is caused by “reality shock”, which happens for most teachers during the first few years into teaching. The current study aims to explore how reality shock influences and transforms early career ESOL teachers’ teaching methodologies. It employs an interpretative case study research design to outline both external and internal factors that characterize reality shock. The results show that besides English education policy, students’ cooperativeness and professional support, the participants were also affected by their own pedagogical competence, beliefs, and attitudes. Recommendations for assessment policies, professional development and further research have also been put forward.
Published: 2021
Updated: Aug. 03, 2022
Teaching is a profession in which the newly appointed teachers learn different methods of teaching skills, pedagogies of teaching and conducting research and should know the role and responsibilities of different academic leaders. The Faculty Induction Program (FIP) includes all these components. This article aims to study the perceptions of the newly appointed assistant professors or early-career faculty (ECF) regarding FIP, conducted by the Faculty Development Center (FDC) of Mizoram University, India. Out of 202 participants, 100 were selected by simple random sampling procedure. A self-constructed questionnaire was used for the collection of data. Focus group discussion was also conducted. The findings revealed that FIP conducted by the FDC was well organized. The participants benefitted by learning micro-teaching and its uses, the development of teaching-learning material, comprehensive and effective lesson planning, Bloom’s taxonomy, and the constructivist teaching approach.
Published: 2022
Updated: Aug. 01, 2022
For teachers of immigrant-origin students and their peers, emerging research notes the challenge of facilitating a high-quality education for students subject to traumatic events related to harsh immigration enforcement policies. This study examines whether new teachers from seven teacher preparation programs experienced the impacts of immigration enforcement and felt prepared to support students who were impacted. The author surveyed new teachers in preservice and after 1 year of teaching (N = 473) using survey instruments developed by Cohen and colleagues along with additional constructs developed via pilot testing. New teachers reported that immigration enforcement negatively impacted their students and their job satisfaction. Teachers exposed to discussion of immigration policy and teachers who reported engaging with immigrant families in preservice were more likely to view themselves as prepared to support students. He discusses differences for teachers in urban, Title I, and elementary settings.
Published: 2022
Updated: Jun. 02, 2022
This study explored the potential impact of teaching outside of one’s field of expertise. This longitudinal cross-case study examined the development of enacted pedagogical content knowledge (ePCK) among a group of in-field and out-of-field (OOF) physical science teachers during their first 3 years of teaching. The components of ePCK investigated included the knowledge and skills related to conceptual teaching strategies and student understanding of science. Seventeen newly hired teachers teaching in and outside their field of expertise participated in the study. The data collected included semi-structured interviews and classroom observations of the teachers. The study’s findings showed that early career OOF physical science teachers exhibited less developed ePCK and showed more inconsistencies in their ePCK compared to their in-field counterparts. The findings also revealed that ePCK fluctuated for most teachers, representing the tentative nature of emerging ePCK. This study has implications for those who prepare and support newly hired teachers.
Published: 2021
Updated: May. 24, 2022