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This article examines how novice teachers cope with their work. The authors compare the ability of novice and experienced teachers to cope with their work, and how this ability is affected by the level of collegial and superior support and collaboration offered. The findings reveal that that the novice teachers do not differ greatly from the experienced teachers. However, it was found that important differences exist between the experienced teachers and the novice teachers in terms of their ability to articulate their own needs and shortcomings.
Published: 2014
Updated: Jul. 15, 2018
This study explores the experiences of one first-year, Black female English language arts teacher and her Advanced Placement Language and Composition students. The findings reveal that the participant faced challenges when finding balance in her classroom management style, encountered cultural dissonance, developed teacher-student relationships, and struggled with how White, middle-class values may have shaped her classroom interactions with her students.
Published: 2016
Updated: Jul. 08, 2018
This study explores the projected classroom management strategies of Turkish pre-service early childhood education (ECE) teachers before they entered the teaching profession. The results revealed that all of the participants had a fear of being unable to manage their classes before starting their careers because they felt unprepared. However, all the participants related rather positive classroom management experiences once they had their own classrooms.
Published: 2016
Updated: Jul. 01, 2018
This study examines teachers’ behavioral, academic, and relational beliefs and how these beliefs shape the actions used in managing their classrooms. The author found that the participants focused primarily on behavior and academics when managing classrooms. The author concludes that these results suggest that a more relational orientation to classroom management is related to instructional quality. The author found that teachers also tended to implement actions that were consistent with their beliefs of classroom management, although they differed from one another in the extent that they focused on relational aspects.
Published: 2017
Updated: Jun. 07, 2018