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This study explores the learning experiences of seven educators who participated in an authentic learning-based, fully online postgraduate certificate programme for teaching in higher education. The author concludes that the findings clearly underline the transformative value of stepping out of the comfort zone instead of accommodating for familiar and preferred ways of learning. The participants who endured through a difficult ‘climax’ in their learning journey described a powerful experience of professional growth. The author argues that the professional growth was caused by the advanced self-regulation skills that the participants demonstrated. The authors recommend on designing online learning environments that promote the development of self-regulation skills as well as strengthening the facilitation of collaborative learning.
Published: 2016
Updated: Feb. 21, 2018
In this article, the authors aimed to explore their pedagogical approaches for engaging teacher candidates in thinking about physical literacy and scientific literacy, respectively. The authors conclude that the collaborative self-study provided support and encouragement from a trusted colleague as well as a safe space to explore and reframe problematic aspects of practice. This self-study helped the authors to understand many conceptual similarities between the constructs of physical literacy and scientific literacy.
Published: 2012
Updated: Feb. 21, 2018
In this paper, the authors illuminate aspects of career choice and conflict for teacher education students seeking initial Licensure. They also address foundational knowledge on career decision-making. The authors review studies to understand why people decide to pursue a career in teaching, despite the high turnover in this profession. The authors conclude that the literature reviewed indicates that direct career decision-making is either not being frequently conducted within teacher education programs or it is not seen as an important aspect of research. This paper argues that a teacher education program should be such an inviting and trustworthy place, where students can engage in quiet or in conversation to ensure that they are pursuing the career that is right for them.
Published: 2011
Updated: Feb. 18, 2018
The purpose of this study was to understand the process through which a teacher becomes a teacher educator, considering all of the associated variables both personal and professional. The findings reveal that the majority of the participants indicated that they did not receive any kind of support with respect to their professional induction, especially during their early years as teacher educators. Additionally, the findings suggest that the teacher educator’s approach to teaching will be different especially if the teacher educator works simultaneously in a school and in a teacher education program. Hence, teacher educators who work both in a school and teacher education programs teach based on their practical experience as a school teacher.
Published: 2016
Updated: Nov. 16, 2017