Practitioner Inquiry in South African Schools: What, How and Why (Not)

Mar. 31, 2009

Source: Educational Action Research, Volume 17, Issue 1 (March 2009),
pages 121 - 131.

The paper discusses practitioner inquiry in a South African context. It begins by outlining the changing policy context in the country, particularly since the advent of democracy in 1994. The implications of these changes for practitioner inquiry are then discussed. The paper investigates some issues and dilemmas arising from this context, including considerations of why teachers do research, and what promotes and hinders research in schools. In discussing the way forward, a number of issues are highlighted, including different conceptions of practitioner inquiry, the relevance of teacher identity, the possibilities and limitations of policy reform and the importance of generating new knowledge for a new post-apartheid agenda.

Updated: May. 18, 2009