Teacher Technology Change: How Knowledge, Confidence, Beliefs, and Culture Intersect

Jul. 01, 2010

Source: Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 42(3), 255–284.

Despite increases in computer access and technology training, technology is not being used to support the kinds of instruction believed to be most powerful.

In this article, the authors examine technology integration through the lens of the teacher as an agent of change: What are the necessary characteristics, or qualities, that enable teachers to leverage technology resources as meaningful pedagogical tools?

To answer this question, the authors discuss the literature related to four variables of teacher change: knowledge, self-efficacy, pedagogical beliefs, and subject and school culture.
Specifically, the authors propose that teachers' mindsets must change to include the idea that "teaching is not effective without the appropriate use of information and communication technologies (ICT) resources to facilitate student learning."

Implications are discussed in terms of both teacher education and professional development programs.

Updated: Jun. 29, 2010