English as an Additional Language and Initial Teacher Education: Views and Experiences from Northern Ireland

Mar. 30, 2010

Source: Journal of Education for Teaching International research and pedagogy, Volume 36 Issue 1, (2010), p. 75 – 90.

This article addresses training for teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) at initial teacher education (ITE) level in Northern Ireland.

This small-scale qualitative study describes 15 primary and post-primary teachers' perspectives on their preparation for teaching EAL in Northern Ireland.

The study investigates reflections on EAL content in ITE programmes, and the type of difficulties faced when teaching pupils whose first language is not English. Furthermore, the study explores the ways in which ITE might include the skills and knowledge needed to make effective provision for such pupils.

The findings show that the current provision for EAL training varies and participants both need and want basic as well as more advanced practical EAL coping strategies, in addition to a thorough grounding in EAL-related theory.

Updated: Sep. 19, 2010