How Does Telling the Truth Help Educational Action Research?

Sep. 01, 2010

Source: Educational Action Research, Volume 18, Issue 3, p. 349 – 358. (September 2010).

A number of key constructs underpin educational action research. The current article focuses on the concept of 'truth' and by doing so hopes to highlight some debate in this area.

In reflecting upon what 'truth' might mean to those involved in action research, the author shall critically evaluate Thorndike's 'Law of Effect' and Bruner's 'Three Forms of Representation'.

Furthermore, the author explains how these perspectives might help us find 'the truth' of an area under study and how they might inform the methodology of research.

The author shall close by suggesting that teacher-researchers should allow for a constructivist approach in their action research methodology in order to help them in their sense-making process.

Updated: Jan. 23, 2011