‘Let Them Fish’: Empowering Student-Teachers for Professional Development through the Project Approach

May. 29, 2013

Source: Educational Action Research, Volume 21, Issue 2, 2013, pages 202-217

In this action research, the author used a project as an approach to relinquish control and empower the students to organize a seminar for their professional development.

The participants were twenty-six Bachelor in Education (TESL) students.
Fifteen men and eleven women, aged around 24 years old, participated in this project.

The author used three data sources: student reflections, a ‘post-mortem’ feedback session, and a self-reflection journal.

The data revealed that a significant learning point for the student-teachers was that communication and interpersonal skills were important in getting results from the top management and people of authority.

The project was a process of change and self-discovery for the student-teachers.
Students had to get over their resistance towards unwanted responsibilities and accept that in the real world, irrespective of their preferences, the job has to be done.

This research was significant in exploring the issue of empowerment in developing the professionalism of the student-teachers.

Updated: Sep. 16, 2013