Participatory Action Research as Pedagogy: Investigating Social and Ecological Justice Learning within a Teacher Education Program

May. 03, 2015

Source: Teaching Education, Volume 26, Issue 2, 2015, pages 179-195

This article describes a research collective which sets out to investigate the role and impact of social and ecological justice learning in a teacher education program.
The collective was comprised of teacher candidates, graduate students, and faculty.

Amidst the tensions, negotiations, and articulations of the research design, the collective came to recognize the spaces of participatory action research as sites of growth and efficacy toward justice learning.
And, each began to perceive themselves as both impacted by educational structures and as agents enacting their own visions of professional practice.

These outcomes are discussed in the context of the growing body of participatory action research, emphasizing the dynamic learning precipitated within the intersections of the research collective.
The empirical analysis brought to bear the rarity of events participants (teacher candidates) recognized as invoking meaningful social and ecological justice learning, and goes some way to describe such learning in terms of embodied experience.

The article closes with a selection of testimonials provided by members of the research collective, offering personal accounts of what was gained through participating in the research process.

Updated: Jul. 07, 2015