” We Are Multiculturalism': A Self-study of Faculty of Colour With Pre-service Teachers of Colour

May 2007

Source: Studying Teacher Education, Volume 3, Issue 1  May 2007 , pages 85 - 102.

This paper reports a self-study of three faculty of colour engaged in teaching a special summer session geared to recruiting people of colour to teaching. Given our past experiences in institutions of higher education, we recognised the unique situation and potential of faculty of colour teaching a class made up almost exclusively of students of colour.

We analysed our own reflective writings constructed while teaching the course. Using an emergent grounded research approach to data analysis, we identified common themes, and reconciled ambiguous information until a synthesis was achieved.

Four themes rose to the surface: (1) creating connections; (2) the curriculum remains the same mostly; (3) identity issues; and (4) a positive affective environment. We detail these themes and provide samples to tell our story about cultural identity, social justice and teaching. You know what? Nobody in this class needs multiculturalism. I looked around this class and I said, "We are multiculturalism." (Tyrone)

Updated: Jan. 27, 2008