Undergraduate Latina/o Students: A Systematic Review of Research Identifying Factors Contributing to Academic Success Outcomes

Jun. 05, 2015

Source: Review of Educational Research, 85(2), June 2015, p. 249-274.


This article describes a systematic review, which was conducted to produce an up-to-date and comprehensive summary of qualitative and quantitative evidence specific to the factors related to undergraduate Latina/o student academic success outcomes during college.

Findings indicate that a combination of
(a) sociocultural characteristics; (b) academic self-confidence; c) beliefs, ethnic/racial identity, and coping styles; (d) precollege academic experiences; (e) college experiences; (f) internal motivation and commitment; (g) interactions with supportive individuals; (h) perceptions of the campus climate/environment; and (i) institutional type/characteristics are related to one or more academic success outcomes for Latina/o students.

The article concludes with specific recommendations including the use of additional methods, frameworks and perspectives that we hope will be useful in advancing this line of work.

Updated: Aug. 16, 2015