An Exploration of the Relationship Between Case Study Methodology and Learning Style Preference

Jun. 15, 2007

Source: Journal of Science Teacher Education, Volume 18, Number 3 / June, 2007 pp. 423-430

The purpose of this study was to look at the use of the case method approach in relation to the preferred learning style of students in an elementary science methods course. Ninety-seven students enrolled in an elementary and elementary/middle level science methods course at Midwest university participated in this study.

Participants completed a Barsch Learning Styles Inventory to determine learning style preference. At the end of the semester, students were asked to rate the eight identified teaching methods utilized throughout the semester as to their effectiveness. This research shows that pre-service teachers found the use of case studies as potentially useful in helping them learn and process course content no matter what learning style preference the pre-service teacher has.

Updated: Feb. 19, 2008