Professional Development for Information Communication Technology Integration: Identifying and Supporting a Community of Practice through Design-Based Research

Summer 2008

Source: Journal of Research on Technology in Education. Vol. 40, Iss. 4. Summer 2008; p. 429-446.

Research suggests effective classroom ICT integration occurs through needs-based, collaborative professional development (Chandra-Handa, 2001; Cuttance, 2001; Figg, 2000; Gibson, Oberg, & Pelz, 1999; Gross, 2000; Haughey, 2002).
A community of practice (CoP) (Wenger, 1998; Wenger, McDermott, & Snyder, 2002) can be an effective mode of such collaborative professional development.
A synthesis of the literature enabled the construction of the concept that a CoP, investigated through a design-based research methodology, can contribute to effective ICT integration research.
Principles for this research approach are discussed and address the membership of a CoP and teacher/researcher ownership of research goals and design.

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Updated: Nov. 03, 2008