Teachers Expanding Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Learning about Formative Assessment Together

Sep. 27, 2008

Source: Professional Development in Education, Volume 34, Issue 3 (September 2008) , pages 283 - 298

The present study explores the ways in which participating in a study group helped five US middle school teachers alter their construction of knowledge. The members came together to improve their knowledge on assessment for learning in response to school-level and district-level pressures.

The analysis was a recursive review of teacher statements and actions in the study group as well as the classroom through the lens of pedagogical content knowledge.

The support and collegiality of the group demonstrates how collaborative groups can develop professional growth. The examination of the data looked at how participation in a study group focused on assessment for learning changed the structure of pedagogical content knowledge for participating teachers. Furthermore, it looked at what components of the study group led to those changes.

Updated: Jan. 12, 2009