Problem-Based Learning and Action Research in Postgraduate Teaching: The Interdisciplinary Core

Sep. 30, 2009

Source: Educational Action Research, Volume 17, Issue 3  September 2009, pages 373 - 389.

The purpose of this article is to describe innovatory online teaching carried out in the inter-university master's 'Educational Innovation Policies and Practices for the Knowledge Society', with the participation of Malaga, Almera and Internacional de Andaluca Universities.

The master's focuses on the exploration of a problem-based learning model. This model was specifically developed and directed to reflect the basic assumptions of action research.
The online teaching model, developed particularly by Internacional de Andaluca University, is the background for the development of an interdisciplinary core investigated in this study.
The principles that sustain the problem-based learning model, particularly the full involvement of students in situated problems, have led to the application of action research's assumptions and premises by placing problems within the professional practice of the students, their reflections and their possible modifications.

The results suggest that the interdisciplinary core is a collaborative innovative opportunity that can turn real innovation processes into study content, from the educational practice of students.

Updated: Dec. 07, 2009