Experienced Secondary Science Teachers' Perceptions of Effective Professional Development While Pursuing National Board Certification

Apr. 02, 2011

Source: Teacher Development, Volume 15, Issue 2, 2011, pages 219-239.

The purpose of this study was to explore science teacher perceptions regarding the most effective professional learning opportunities.
This descriptive study surveyed 118 candidates for National Board certification in Adolescent and Young Adult Science from 42 states about their professional learning experiences.

The author intended to answer the question: ‘How do candidates perceive the relative effectiveness of different professional learning experiences?’ ‘
Effectiveness’ here is defined as a professional development's ability to help a teacher foster improved student learning.

Candidates' self‐reports reveal that developing science curriculum, reading scientific literature, and pursuing National Board certification are the three most productive approaches to professional development while education courses and in‐service workshops were identified as least effective.
The results suggest that no one model of professional development explains the top rated activities.

Updated: Aug. 30, 2012