Combining Family Centeredness and Diversity in Early Childhood Teacher Training Programs

Feb. 01, 2012

Source: Teacher Education & Special Education, Vol. 35 Issue 1, p. 27-48. (Feb2012).

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a master's-level course designed to integrate instruction in family-centered care and diversity responsiveness.

In this study, the authors briefly outline the key issues in the intersection of family-centered practice and collaboration with culturally and linguistically diverse families, offer a review of how these issues have been addressed in teacher preparation programs, and provide a description and three-tiered evaluation of this particular course.

The authors aim to provide useful information on the potential of such a course for positive attitude change.

Results indicate that students saw the course as having a positive effect on their understanding of issues regarding family-centered practice and diversity responsiveness.

Updated: Sep. 27, 2012