Can I Teach English to Children? Turkish Preservice Teacher Candidates and Very Young Learners

Aug. 01, 2011

Source: Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, Volume 32, Issue 3, 2011, p. 256-265.

This study aimed to examine the differences in attitudes of teacher candidates before and after their short-term teaching experience with very young learners (VYL) of English.

The study was conducted in the English Language Teaching Department of a state university in Turkey during the first term of the educational year.

Within the scope of this study, preservice English teacher candidates were provided the opportunity to practice teaching English to VYL under the supervision of their instructor.
This study reports the results of their experiences and their attitudinal changes towards teaching English to VYL.

The findings suggest that the attitudes of teacher candidates changed substantially after their practice teaching experiences.
Other findings suggest that a colorful atmosphere in the classroom and a variety of activities attract students' interest and help create a more successful learning environment.

Updated: Dec. 30, 2012