Streamlined Reflective Action Research for Creative Instructional Improvement

March 2007

Source: Educational Action Research, Volume 15, Issue 1  March 2007, pages 61 - 74.


Busy educators find it difficult to work creatively in conditions imposed by ill-conceived, politically charged reform initiatives such as the No Child Left Behind Act. In order to keep up with research findings, emerging theories and practical recommendations in the creativity literature, they need accessible, highly condensed distillations of the literature to help them improve their work.


They also need simplified investigative strategies to help them select, test and refine creative ideas that are best suited to their unique classroom settings. Two veteran elementary school educators, a generalist and a music specialist, used a highly condensed overview of creativity in a streamlined action research initiative.
From the process, they gained a broad grasp of creativity concepts, discovered some personal creativity strengths and weaknesses, and made some targeted improvements in their classrooms.

Updated: Jan. 07, 2008