Translating Autoethnography Across the AERA Standards: Toward Understanding Autoethnographic Scholarship as Empirical Research

Aug. 15, 2012

Source: Educational Researcher, 41(6): 209-219. August/September 2012.

This article aims to move readers toward a deeper understanding of and widened respect for autoethnography’s capacity as an empirical endeavor.

The authors argue in favor of autoethnography as empirical by translating information from its epistemological and methodological history across the AERA standards for reporting empirical social science research.
Supporting evidence is drawn from samples of autoethnographic scholarship that emerged from an extensive literature review of first-tier, blind peer-reviewed journals with relatively low acceptance rates that cater to an international audience of educational researchers.

The article concludes by imagining a rubric that may assist researchers, editors, and reviewers in translating autoethnographic scholarship as credible and defensible empirical research.

Updated: Oct. 22, 2013