An Analysis of Cultural Diversity and Recurring Themes in Preservice Teachers’ Online Discussions of Epstein’s Six Types of Parent Involvement

May. 16, 2013

Source: Teaching Education, Volume 24, Issue 2, 2013, pages 164-180

The present study examined integration of Joyce Epstein’s six typologies of family involvement in responses to discussion questions for an online parent involvement course.

The authors used the responses of fifty-two undergraduate students.

The findings reveal that the participant responses demonstrated varying degrees of effective integration of each of Epstein’s six types of involvement.
Participants demonstrated comprehensive understanding of communication methods and barriers and benefits of community involvement.
However, they failed to recognize relationships between involvement types or effectively integrate personal knowledge and anecdotes.

Responses reflected limited knowledge of how educators can engage culturally diverse families.
The participants integrated knowledge of cultural diversity in responses addressing family-friendly schools, communication, and volunteering but not parenting, decision-making and advocacy, learning at home, or building relationships with the community.

Updated: Dec. 22, 2013