Diversity ≠ Inclusion: Promoting Integration in Higher Education

Dec. 01, 2013

Source: Educational Researcher, 42(9), p. 467-475, December 2013

The author argues that enrollment of a diverse student body is but a pragmatic first step toward the broader social goal of inclusion.

She also asks whether motives for campus diversification are aligned with pedagogic goals.
She addresses this question by focusing on inclusion, namely, organizational strategies and practices that promote meaningful social and academic interactions among students who differ in their experiences, views, and traits.

After illustrating the contours and pace of diversification, the article discusses challenges to achieving meaningful integration as campuses become more racially diverse by focusing on ethnic programming and evidence about students’ social interaction patterns.
Integration is not an automatic by-product of campus diversity; therefore, to harness the benefits of diverse student bodies, institutional leaders must pursue deliberate strategies that promote inclusion.

Updated: Jun. 25, 2014