Novices and veterans journeying into real-world teaching: How a veteran learns from novices

Jan. 16, 2008

Source: Teaching and Teacher Education, Volume 24, Issue 1, January 2008, Pages 204-215

This paper illustrates the experiences of novice teachers through self-reflection by a teacher trainer. It shows how novice teachers recognize deficiencies in their professional capacity, the coping strategies they adopt and implications for teacher training. As teacher trainers we should know why novice teachers say ‘I wish they had taught me about…’ or ‘how lucky I am to have been taught this.’

The paper accounts for the initial experiences of novice teachers in their first school and clarifies how they address their own self-improvement. It shows how novice teachers engage in meaning making as they connect theory and practice in the classroom. It also illustrates how within one component of a teacher training programme a veteran teacher-trainer learnt from novices whose experiences enabled practical theories to be recognised. The evidence highlights potential areas of criticality in teacher education programmes in the real-world of teaching.


Updated: Feb. 05, 2008