Common Core Preparation in Special Education Teacher Education Programs: Beginning the Conversation

Aug. 01, 2015

Source: Teacher Education and Special Education, Vol. 38, No. 3, August 2015

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were developed to encourage a common focus of instruction and evaluation in the areas of mathematics, reading/language arts, writing, speaking, and listening. As of 2011, all but five states have adopted CCSS for math and English Language Arts (ELA), with another adopting only the standards for ELA.
With these adoptions comes a new emphasis in teacher training; the field is calling for a collective effort, on the part of Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs), to work collaboratively to prepare future teachers.
This study is a preliminary exploration of current Common Core State Standards (CCSS) preparation in Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs).

Focus groups were conducted with pre-service teachers and professors in general and special education programs at five colleges across two southeastern states.
Findings address the perceptions of both groups related to knowledge, ability, contributions, and barriers to application of CCSS.

Updated: Jan. 19, 2017