The responsive case study: action research and action learning in short courses.

Mar. 20, 2008

Source: Educational Action Research, Volume 16, Issue 1,  March 2008 ,
pages 97-108.

This article describes an adaptation of action research that can be used specifically for the purposes of reviewing educational courses where the participants move out of the research process after one cycle. The author found a limit to the intentional use of action research in her study of a tertiary course that was being offered within the action learning framework of work placements.

The term responsive case study was coined to describe the process of planning, acting, observing, reflecting and formulating new plans but in a context where the researcher is completing this process for implementation with the next group of participating students. In addition to being integral to the current implementation of the course, feedback from reflective journals as well as comments and reflections from participating stakeholders become essential for planning the next iteration.

Updated: Apr. 01, 2008