Online Jigsaw Science Inquiry for Preservice Teachers

Spring 2008

Source: Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, Volume 24, Number 3, Spring 2008

Publisher: Department of curriculum and Instruction Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching

This article introduces an online jigsaw model for preservice teachers’ science content learning. Following a description of the model and its developmental genesis, analysis of an external proficiency measure serves to evaluate the model’s validity. Data stem from a sample of 333 students who completed physical science courses in either a face-to-face or online setting, and who participated in a state-mandated certification exam.

An independent samples t-test of means of scores indicates that the two groups are not significantly different from each other. Based on this preliminary finding and the high student retention rate across semesters, the online jigsaw model appears to be a viable alternative to on-campus settings.

Updated: Jul. 10, 2008