An Early Field-based Experience and its Impact on Pre-service Candidates' Teaching Practice and Their Pupils' Outcomes

Winter 2007

Source: Teacher Education and Special Education, v. 30 no. 1,  (Winter 2007) p. 24-33.


Author’s Website: Jabot, Michael


Teacher educators are under increasing pressure to show that preparation programs meaningfully impact instruction among pre-service teachers, who are then influential in student learning. This external pressure is challenging for teacher educators. We present an early field-based course and applied teaching project to examine teaching practices and pupil outcomes.

Over 400 candidates taught lessons, utilized evidence-based practices, collected information before and after instruction, and responded to information gleaned from instructional experiences. Candidates provided nearly 17, 000 hours of in-class assistance over four semesters, taught more than 800 lessons, used selected evidence-based teaching practices with high degrees of accuracy, and made a noticeable impact in over 60[percent] of sampled lessons. Implications for teacher educators in general and special education are discussed.

Updated: Jul. 17, 2008