The Impact of Teacher Preparation on Responses to Student Aggression in the Classroom

Oct. 16, 2007

Source: Teaching and Teacher Education, Volume 23, Issue 7, , October 2007, Pages 1113-1126

Despite advances in the development and implementation of school-based interventions, aggression in American schools remains a significant problem for educators. The present study examines the influence of teacher preparation on responses to classroom aggression. A sample of 121 teachers employed in 11 public schools across Southwest Virginia completed measures of teaching characteristics and responded to vignettes depicting student aggression.

 Multiple regression analyses were used to evaluate the process by which teachers respond to classroom aggression, and the moderating influence of teacher training. Results confirmed the importance of prior training in supporting classroom management. Implications are discussed as they relate to relevant models and recent clinical and educational research initiatives.

Updated: Jul. 27, 2008