Making Connections: Grounding Professional Development in the Developmental Theories of Vygotsky

Apr. 26, 2008

Source: The Teacher Educator, Volume 43, Issue 2 April 2008 , pages 134 - 155


Professional development is grounded in the developmental theories of Vygotsky in an attempt to better understand the mechanism underlying teacher development.
The rationale for the use of Vygotskian framework is provided in the context of describing the various models of professional development. Within this theoretical framework, it is argued that concepts formulated by Vygotsky that are relevant to the education of students in school settings are also applicable to the professional growth of teachers in their work places.
Various implications for effective professional development are presented by linking the developmental aspects of professional development and major tenets of Vygotsky's developmental theories.

Updated: Oct. 02, 2008