Preparing the Next Generation of Science Teacher Educators: A Model for Developing PCK for Teaching Science Teachers

Feb. 22, 2009

Source: Journal of Science Teacher Education, (2009) 20:77–93.

Science education doctoral programs often fail to address a critical piece—the explicit attention to the preparation of future science teacher educators. In this paper, the authors argue that, in addition to developing skills and a knowledge base for research, doctoral students must be given the opportunity to observe, practice, and reflect on the pedagogical knowledge necessary to instruct science teachers. In particular, the authors contend that the construct of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) can be adapted to the context of knowledge for teaching science teachers. The authors use the PCK construct to propose a model for the development of knowledge for teaching science teachers, grounded in our experiences as doctoral students and faculty mentors. The authors end by recommending a vision for doctoral preparation and a new standard to be included in the ASTE Professional Knowledge Standards for Science Teacher Educators.

Updated: Apr. 06, 2009