A Critical History of Research Assessment in the United Kingdom and Its Post-1992 Impact on Education

Nov. 01, 2009

Source: Journal of Education for Teaching, Volume 35, Issue 4 November 2009, p. 321 - 335.

This article presents a critical overview of the way in which higher education institutions (HEIs) in the UK have had their research activity subject to review.

There have been six such reviews to date, the first two carried out by the Universities Grants Committee and, from 1992, by its replacement, the four UK higher education (HE) funding bodies (HE Funding Council for England, HE Funding Council for Wales, the Scottish HE Funding Council and the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland).

The article provides a broad outline of the key elements of the process. It focuses on the two more recent research reviews and their impact on the subject of education, with the references providing specific detail for those interested in the minutiae of the reviews.

Updated: Nov. 09, 2009