The Challenge of Change: Digital Video-Analysis and Constructivist Teaching Approaches on A One Year Preservice Teacher Education Program in Ireland

Jul. 25, 2009

Source: Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. 17 (3), pp. 349-367. (July 2009).

This project created a stimulating and professionally relevant way for pre-service teacher education to build student teachers’ skills in critical reflection, collaboration and communication.

Using a constructivist approach throughout, the project’s key objectives were:
to help students overcome resistance to using technology;
to bridge the gap between teaching practice and university learning;
to build student teachers’ awareness of ethical and logistical issues pertaining to recording in the classroom,
and to evaluate alternative methods of assessment.

Initial concerns about collaborative group work and technology were replaced by a positive appreciation of their relevance for teaching. The assessment methods were valued by the students.

Updated: Nov. 16, 2009