Using Video Editing to Cultivate Novice Teachers' Practice

Fall 2009

Source: Journal of Research on Technology in Education, Volume 42 Number 1: Fall 2009.

This paper reports research concerning the effective use of video editing to help cultivate novice teachers' reflective practice. The study reported here is part of a larger body of research on video-enhanced teacher reflection.

For this study, the authors used a qualitative research design to examine two guided reflection activities for two groups of novice teachers.
The first group debriefed with a teacher educator immediately after teaching their lesson.
They later wrote about critical incidents that occurred during their teaching.

The second group had no debriefing, but the participants were asked to capture their lessons on digital video, edit their video for two critical incidents, and reflect on the incidents in written form using the same rubric as the first group.

Given that both groups used the same reflection guide, the authors found that students who developed video vignettes produced longer and more multifaceted reflections. The authors found implications of these results to be an important step towards facilitating novice teachers' development.

Updated: Dec. 01, 2009