Developing Adaptive Teaching Competency through Coaching

Nov. 10, 2009

“This article was published in Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol 25 number 8, Authors: Franziska Vogt and Marion Rogalla, "Developing Adaptive Teaching Competency through Coaching", Pages 1051-1060, Copyright Elsevier
(November 2009)”.

The research project Adaptive Teaching Competency seeks to conceptualise the processes of tuning teaching to individual students' learning needs and to empirically test, within the field of science teaching, to what extent Adaptive Teaching Competency can be fostered through teacher education.

32 primary and secondary teachers took part in an intervention to foster their Adaptive Teaching Competency based on content-focused coaching whilst 18 teachers formed the control group.

Teachers receiving the coaching increased their Adaptive Teaching Competency with regard to planning and their students showed a higher learning outcome compared to the control group.

Updated: Dec. 21, 2009


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