'Out of Complacency and into Action”: An Exploration of Professional Development Experiences in School/Home Literacy Engagement

Dec. 25, 2009

Source: Teaching Education, Volume 20, Issue 4 (December 2009), pages 375 - 393.

Parents can provide interaction that is crucial to student learning. Helping teachers connect students' home and school lives and assisting parents in understanding possible roles in student learning can contribute to student achievement.

A one-year funded project focused on:

(1) helping teachers involve parents in the literacy achievement of their children;

(2) developing responsible, effective, technologically enhanced partnerships between teachers and parents; and

(3) providing a model for professional development in home/school literacy connections.

This article explains the research base and procedures for the project, outcomes that impact how parent-teacher engagement can be formed, examples of effective activities, and guidelines for teacher educators to promote successful professional development in home/school engagement.

Updated: Jan. 31, 2010