Seeking Renewal, Finding Community: Participatory Action Research in Teacher Education

Feb. 01, 2011

Source: Teacher Development, Volume 15, Issue 1, 2011 pages 1-18.

The current study describes the experiences of a group of teacher educators as they worked together in a collaborative research activity investigating theories of literacy and the preparation of secondary teachers.

The collaboration was organized around the precepts associated with participatory action research (PAR).

After four years of collaboration, the narratives of the members of the group revealed
(a) changes to the practices and identities of the participants,
(b) how the group formed a community, and
(c) the ways in which the institution supported the work of the group.

Organizing collaborative activities around PAR holds promise to produce quality research, as well as to support the improvement of teacher preparation programs and the development of teacher educators.

Updated: Aug. 22, 2012