The Teaching Profession against the Background of Educationalisation: An Exploratory Study

Aug. 01, 2011

Source: European Journal of Teacher Education; Vol. 34 Issue 3, p297-315. (August, 2011)

This paper focuses on the teaching profession against the background of educationalisation in the Netherlands.
This research project concentrated on the extent to which teachers, being key figures in the school organisation, understand their role as one that embraces a social in addition to an educational mission.

The study explores teachers' professional identity and their awareness, task perception and self-efficacy with respect to performing a social mission.

The results show that 'addressing social issues' can be identified as a dimension of teachers' professional identity.
However, teachers report low self-efficacy as regards carrying out social tasks, irrespective of their task perception and awareness.

Updated: Nov. 27, 2012