Quality of Learning Outcomes in an Online Video-Based Learning Community: Potential and Challenges for Student Teachers

Apr. 05, 2012

Source: Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, Volume 40, Issue 2, 2012, pages 143-158

The author investigates the learning outcomes of 25 student teachers in an online video-based learning community (VBLC).

Data were drawn from the student teachers' written comments and feedback recorded in the VBLC and the post-course interviews.

Based on Biggs and Collis's Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO) taxonomy, the majority of comments and feedback were classified as uni-structural, but more sophisticated responses could also be found.

The interviews revealed that the student teachers benefited from the opportunities of peer interaction and self-reflection.

Biggs, J. and Collis, K. F. (1982) Evaluating the Quality of Learning - the SOLO taxonomy, New York: Academic Press.

Updated: Aug. 21, 2013