K-12 Online and Blended Teacher Licensure: Striking a Balance between Policy and Preparedness

Jan. 15, 2014

Source: Journal of Technology and Teacher Education Volume 22, No. 1, January 2014, p. 83-106.

The article explores the theoretical underpinnings surrounding quality teaching in online settings as well as practical considerations for what teachers should know and be able to do in online environments.
The authors examine state level policy from across the nation aimed toward establishing mechanisms to ensure online teacher quality.

From this analysis, policy recommendations to help develop the caliber of online teachers of high quality teachers are suggested.
The authors argue that a vital first step is beginning the process of a systematic review concerning what current research reveals about quality online teaching, actions states are taking along these lines, and lessons that can be gleaned from each of these areas.

Updated: Aug. 25, 2014